Tuesday, 7 February 2017

A procession of memories

I began my ascent into a profession by chance in 1989 when I was conferred a degree in Architecture, from School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi.

My formative years were spent at Manav Sthali School, New Delhi where I studied science subjects, which was truly in contrast with what we were learning at the SPA as we were taught to call it.

I chose to study design because I found it challenging, invigorating and thought provoking. I was keen to change the world, inspired by Ayn Rand in Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead.

In the years that have ensued, 
I learnt to listen between the words that the clients would utter.
I learnt to read between the lines when they would send me design briefs.
I learnt to see with “My Eyes Wide Shut”.

How can one get a glimpse into the  dreams of people ?

I realized this is only possible when one can attempt to connect with their innermost desire. Then try to get into his shoes and think.

What if the client is not capable of thinking about what he wants on his own? Does he know how to achieve it ?

Do we all know what we want?

Our thoughts are only an outcome of our vocabulary.  In an average life time a human being uses only 30% of his entire capacity to think. Thus with a fraction of the brief it is expected of a design professional to deliver.

I start to write my blog with this note, sharing my journey from the day I stepped out on this path. I share my 'Procession of Memories' thru this blog as my learnings over the last 3 decades of my working in the realm of Branding Architecture for Trade Shows, Conventions, Events and Retail. My passage has been with various bureaucrats, marketing professionals, policy makers, innovators, end users, and various level of stake-holders across the globe. Working with various nationalities like Russians, French, Germans, Americans, Japanese, Chinese etc., has been an enriching experience.

Welcome to THINK…

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